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Created at: 28 Nov 2014


Amsterdam, urban farming dak URBAN FARMING & BUREAUS: 'Zuidpark' in Amsterdam

The largest vegetable roof of Europe - the results of one year experience

Urban farming is in! In addition to tomatoes and lettuce on balconies and rooftops, there are also successful initiatives or groups of residents who grow vegetables, herbs and lettuces in many open spaces in the city. The vast rooftops in industrial areas were, until recently, a horticultural waste land.

However, a year ago a proactive investor, Jan Huijbrechts decided to create a vegetable garden on what was once an administration building in an industrial area in Amsterdam. It covers an area of 3,000 m2 for this urban farm at a height of 10 m. The building is surrounded by office buildings, commercial buildings, parking lots, freeways and highways. At the moment it is the largest urban farmed roof in Europe. A bold plan indeed simply because the existing urban farming projects were built and maintained by residents with a passion for gardening. To inspire office employees to do the same was well worth it.

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