monastery garden with Caves & urban farming Steyl Limburg The Netherlands

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Created at: 04 Mar 2023


Discover Steyl: the old monastery village on the Maas

Of all the historic villages in the Netherlands, Steyl is an undiscovered pearl. At the end of the 19th century, the German Father Arnold Janssen Steyl decided to realize his great dream here: to found his own monastic order. This development has been the driving force behind all the wealth of monumental heritage that can now be admired in Steyl.

The small village on the Meuse was already charming without the religious influences, but they are now indispensable. What started with a monastery, ended with several monasteries, beautiful monastery gardens, a double church, a botanical garden and a mission museum with a monumental printing house and water tower. Recently, the idyllic village center was given the designation 'protected village view' in order to preserve the historic character of the village. Steyl is not only very surprising in terms of history and monumental heritage, you can also experience everything there today.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

monastery garden with Caves & urban farming Steyl Limburg The Netherlands

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