Group Five Head Office

Green Roof

Rainwater Harvesting

Pond (Retention pond)

Created at: 08 Feb 2019


This development harvests rainwater from the roofs which is treated with UV light and used for toilet flushing and irrigation. Stormwater is treated within a sump, pumped into two 15kl tanks, filtered and distributed to the irrigation network. Water efficient sanitary fittings such as dual flush toilets, aerated bathroom and kitchen taps and low flow shower heads together with the xeriscaping landscape, drip irrigation systems and soil moisture sensors reduce the demand for water. The development is also fitted with a zero-wastage fire water system and water meters to continually monitor major water uses and early detection of water leaks. The SuDS systems on the site include two retention ponds that collect and infiltrate rainwater and stormwater from rooftops and impermeable areas after they pass through litter traps and treatments. The excess water is either detained or discharged into the Jukskei River. The landscape and stormwater management systems were designed to work together to prevent further degradation of the Jukskei River. There is also a green roof for recreational purposes that is planted with water-wise indigenous plants. Furthermore, the usage of air cooled heat rejection for ammonia chillers removed a huge water burden from the operation of the building and ensures air conditioning resilience in a water stressed future.

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