Educational Garden Kortenbos Den Haag

Do It Yourself - Urban Farming

Rainwater Harvesting


Green Facade (green wall)


Physical Activity, Playing and Meeting

Enhancing Biodiversity (e.g. insect hotels)

Nature Education

Created at: 30 Nov 2023


Urban gardening for children & adults. The educational garden is surrounded by fruit trees, there is a beekeeper, a large insect hotel, rainwater harvesting and an educational center.

Personal Project Featured | Flower & Vegetable garden with mini-pond & floating solar fountain, with native plants planted around it. It attracts birds, bees, dragonflies and water snails. Also useful for cultivation of (edible) water plants and functions as a basin for rainwater harvesting. During a drought because of a heatwave, bees will fly all day between the pond and the beehive. A shallow basin with rocks for the bees to sit on is necessary.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Buurttuin complex Natuur-en Milieu Educatie (NME) Den Haag

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