Biochar in urban greeneries/ Biochar project city of Stockholm

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Reduction Greenhousegasses (CO2, CH4 & N2O)

Reduction (CO2) with Biochar

Created at: 24 Feb 2021


Biochar helps simulate a natural environment in distressed built soils, with one-off application and minimal maintenance

Improved soil aeration, alleviated compaction, added water holding capacity and more efficient drainage are the main benefits that biochar and structural soils can bring to urban trees.

In built soils, biochar helps simulate a natural environment and retain biodiversity. Additionally, it is an emission negative technology.

Stockholm Biochar Project uses park and garden waste to produce biochar and renewable energy.

Biochar is a fantastic soil conditioner that retains water, air and nutrients in the soil. Once in the soil biochar is a carbon sink that contributes to a greener city and that decreases the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years. The energy becomes heat for the city's district heating network within Open District Heating TM – a project to recycle excess heat in Stockholm city. Stockholm Biochar Project's goal is to produce heat for 400 apartments and to create a carbon sink corresponding to the yearly carbon dioxide emissions from 3500 clean cars. This way we are doing a small – but important – action to save the world.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Wageningen unviersiteit uitleg: Biochar is een houtskoolachtige stof datie gemaakt wordt door organisch materiaal onder zuurstofloze omstandigheden te verhitten tot voorbij 350°C. Dit proces wordt pyrolyse genoemd. Biochar kan in tegenstelling tot houtskool gemaakt worden van veel verschillende organische grondstoffen, waaronder gewasresten, mest en de residuen van afvalwater, maar ook van hout, dat normaliter gebruikt wordt voor de productie van houtskool. Het gebruik van verschilt van dat van houtskool: biochar wordt speciaal voor gebruik in de bodem vervaardigd, terwijl houtskool voornamelijk als brandstof wordt gebruikt.

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