Southeast False Creek Development, Olympic and Paralympic Village, Vancouver, B.C

Green Roof

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In preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics, the City of Vancouver, B.C. engaged in one of the largest sustainable urban waterfront renewal projects in North America (Fig. 10.24). The planning efforts included eight city blocks that would include mixed-use development, market spaces for sale and rental, non-market housing, senior housing, commercial development including a food store, and a Community Centre. PWL Partnership Landscape Architects, Inc. lead the site development at the public realm, PFS Landscape Architects led the Central Plaza, and DKL Landscape Architects lead private development parcels, the Community Centre, and over 1.83 hectares (197,542 ft2) of green roofs. With the green space and green roofs, the project has nearly 48% green over the 3.8-hectare dense urban site (Kreuk 2014). The green roofs include 7024 m2 (75,606 ft2) of extensive green roofs, 10,539 m2 (113,441 ft2) of intensive green roofs as private roof gardens, and 789 m2 (8495 ft2) of rooftop urban agriculture. The extensive green roofs include the iconic flowering sedum roofs depicting winter sports themes. However, these icon roofs are just a fraction of the green roofs on-site and they are no longer managed for their original Olympic themes. The many private green roofs, however, do remain and many include native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers (Fig. 10.25). As these are private roof gardens, they are not accessible to the public (Kreuk 2014).

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Building Owner/Client: the City of Vancouver and private ownership Green Roof Design Team Lead: DKL – Landscape Architects Architect: Nick Milkovich Architects in collaboration with Walter Francl Architecture (Creekside Community Centre) Landscape Architect: PWL Partnership Landscape Architects, Inc. (public realm waterfront and parks) Installation Contractor: LiveRoof, XeroFlor Canada, and others. Project completion: 2009 Green roof area: over 1.83 hectares (4.5 acres) of green roofs.

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