Tutira Rocky Staircase Sheep Station

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Created at: 06 Sep 2022


Tutira is a shows fern crushing at the Rocky Staircase. Starting back in 1882 It saw its first burn of ferns to turn the area into a grass paddock fit to feed sheep. Although this seemed to start out well by the second burn they were already starting to see a decrease in effectiveness and by the third something unusual began to happen. In 1892 When the third burn of the Tutira paddock took place the fire seemed to not burn as well as it had previously done, over the past few years they had seen an increase in the plant life growing on the site as well as a more diverse variety of plant life, during this burn they noticed something new once again. There had been a life set of plants that seemed mostly unaffected by the fire; the Micrœlena stipoides and Danthonia semiannularis were the main culprits to this. What was seen was the increase of seedling of the natives plants after every burn, after the first only a handful of seeds were spread, then hundreds by the second, hundreds of thousands by the third and by the forth they were seeing hundreds of millions of native seedlings like manuka trees, Cape-weed, Suckling clover, and Mouse-ear chickweed.

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