Ba Ba hills, Da Nang

Green roofs and walls

Created at: 30 Jul 2019


Green ba na hills

Client: Sun Group

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam


The French Village was inspired by the French homeland of Pigneau de Behaine, the first foreigner to visit Ba Na Mountain.
The area was a historical french retreat area in the 1800’s.
The Ba Na Cable Car is the longest single-wire cable car in the world.
Ba Na Hill is known as “The Green Lung” of Da Nang City.
The ba na flower is unique to this area.

The Bana mountain which stands at the altitude of 1,487m above sea-level, has an average annual temperature that varies between 17 and 20°C (62.6 – 68°F). Each of the four seasons appears within a single day in Ba Na: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night.

One particular characteristic is that the clouds are at the mid-height of the mountain, so the peaks are always clear. Ba Na also possesses very beautiful forests with green pine hills that why it is home to a former French resort built in the early 1920s, which once boasted 200 villas, restaurants, and clubs. Its temperate climate, unspoiled forest, and spectacular views over the East Sea and the Lao mountain range made Ba Na a popular place to retreat for the French and wealthy Vietnamese.

Ba Na cable car line – is the Guinness World Records recognized cable car route reaches 2 record Guinness World: Line a cable car wire longest world (5042.62m) and the difference between the gas station and under large Best World (1,291.81m).

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Green ba na hills

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