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Created at: 01 Mar 2020


NWO Living Labs in the Dutch delta - Crossing the borders at the Grensmaas ​The Grensmaas project is the largest river restoration project (‘Room for the River’) in the Netherlands. ​The key idea is to extract gravel and sand to (i) protect surrounding villages against flooding, (ii) develop nature, and (iii) generate profit for mining companies. But how resilient is this vision in uncertain futures? The economic climate may suddenly deteriorate and public support is notoriously fragile. Using a Living Lab approach, this project analyzes how to cope with social, ecological, and economic surprises. With a transdisciplinary consortium, stakeholders have a key role as recipient and provider of information, where the broader public is involved through citizen science. The Hanze University of Applied Sciences will contribute to the Living Lab by organizing four Climate Café's in the Grensmaas region to facilitate transdisciplinary research among researchers and students in close cooperation with local and regional stakeholders.

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