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Life needs light to live nicely. The turbidity shows how much light is send back from the water, so it can give an indication on what the quality of life is in de river. For example a high Turbidity can reduce the growth rate of the fish and can have as a different result the fish do not have a resistance to disease. Turbidity is addressed with NTU. To give an indication drinking water and koud fishing water is 10 NTU. Warm fishing water or indigenous fishing water is 25 NTU. The found results hover between 10 and 20 NTU. Having a river that is extremely polluted, black of color, no life found and having the same value as drinking water seems rather odd. Testing the same app in the swimming pool and giving a result of 80 NTU razed even more questions. Experts are now viewing the results.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

De Hydrocolor app is een app die laat zien wat de verschillende waarde van leven is in de rivier. Hier gebruiken we de Hydrocolor app om de doorlatendheid te meten. De resultaten zijn onzeker door vergelijkingen met het zwembad en de bovenloop en benedenloop van de rivier.

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