StormWaterharmonica Tilburg Moerenburg

Waterharmonica: biological link to change (well) treated waste water into usable surface water

Created at: 13 Jul 2016


Already back in 1997 the city of Tilburg constructed a Waterharmonica behind the Tilburg-Noord STP to buffer the effluent during rainwater discharge. This was necessary because, as a result of the increase in effluent flow rates, the receiving Water System could no longer handle the discharge.
The STP Tilburg-Noord got even more waste water because of the abolition of the Tilburg-Oost STP close to the centre In order to prevent this, the old Tilburg-Oost STP was converted into a large natural buffer for untreated waste water (Moerenburg). The joint storage capacity of Tilburg at Moerenburg and at Noord is approx. 300,000 m3. A striking point is that, in approx. half of the time, the quality of the water in the Moerenburg storm Waterharmonica becomes so good that it meets local discharge requirements. The concept of the ‘StormWaterharmonica’ was introduced in order to distinguish this type of Waterharmonica from the other types, and to anchor its place in the water cycle.

In this StormWaterharmonica during rainwater flows the excess, thin influent of the STP is buffered and in subsequent periods with lower flows pumped to the STP-Tilburg-Noord. Besides the storage it is also a natural treatment and landscaped natural recreation, city park.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Moerenburg is ook te vinden onder de Categorie Waterberging (blauwe aders)

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