Wollaton Road Allotments

Community Garden

Created at: 29 Jun 2023


Community allotments, encouraging the general public to grow plants/food to combat climate change and its impacts. High biodiversity and vegetation contributes to heat reduction, and increased infiltration/flood reduction

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Staat van biodiversiteit/state of biodiversity Hoge biodiversiteit/high biodiversity
Schaalniveau Project/scale level project Grondstuk/plot
Hoe is de zichtbaarheid van de maatregel?/how is the visibility of the measure? Nauwelijks zichtbaar van buitenaf/barely visible from the outside
Wat is de bebouwingsdichtheid om de maatregel heen?/what is the building density around the measure? Lage dichtheid - bv. buitenwijk/Low density - e.g. suburb
Wat voor functies vind je om de maatregel heen?/what kind of fuctions can you find around the measure?
  • Wonen/living
  • Winkels/stores
  • Bedrijven/businesses

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